Who Is Maitech

Maitech Industrial Services Ltd,Unit 9, IDA Business Park, Cork Road, Waterford, Ireland


Established in 1998 Maitech has become the largest independent Service and Spare Parts Company in Ireland providing a wide range of Services to the Dairy, Liquid Food, Soft Drinks, Brewing, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

  • General Maintenance Service
  • Spray Drier Integrity Testing
  • Heat exchanger Service
  • Homogeniser Service
  • Pump Service
  • Valve Service
  • Filler Service
  • Holding Time Verification
  • Heat Exchanger Integrity Testing
  • Process Vessel Integrity Testing
  • Separator Service
  • Process Spare Parts
  • New Process Equipment
  • Refurbished Process Equipment
  • Used Equipment

Maitech Industrial Services, Unit 9, IDA Business Park, Cork Road, Waterford, Ireland

Tel: +353 (0)51 351897 | fax: +353 (0)51 375896
email: enquiries@maitechservice.com