Who Is Maitech

Maitech Industrial Services Ireland,Rocklands, Gracedieu, Waterford, Ireland


Established in 1998 Maitech has become the largest independent Service and Spare Parts Company in Ireland providing a wide range of Services to the Dairy, Liquid Food, Soft Drinks, Brewing, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

  • General Maintenance Service
  • Spray Drier Integrity Testing
  • Heat exchanger Service
  • Homogeniser Service
  • Pump Service
  • Valve Service
  • Filler Service
  • Holding Time Verification
  • Heat Exchanger Integrity Testing
  • Process Vessel Integrity Testing
  • Separator Service
  • Process Spare Parts
  • New Process Equipment
  • Refurbished Process Equipment
  • Used Equipment

Maitech Industrial Services Ireland, Rocklands, Gracedieu, Waterford, Ireland

Tel: +353 (0)51 351897 | fax: +353 (0)51 375896
email: enquiries@maitechservice.com