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ACRAM Samplers

Maitech are the proud Irish distributor for ACRAM sampling equipment, specifically designed for the sampling of food and dairy products.

ACRAM S.R.L. has worked for more than two decades, producing plant and equipment for the food, dairy and wine industries.Specializing in the field of measurement and sampling of milk, it is the only Italian company that manufactures equipment for measuring milk. ACRAM also has considerable expertise in the field of highly qualified micro-filtration and process automation for wineries.

Milk Samplers

ACRAM offers measurement systems based on the principle of magnetic induction with a precision of 0.2% and samplers that operate through a continuous automatic peristaltic pump system free of entrainment, thus ensuring an accurate measurement and representative sampling .

The milk sampler is an automatic device that during the passage of milk in a tube, is able take a representative sample to a weighted average of all the milk transited. It can be installed at the receiving part of the processing plant and can operated independently or within a system of measurement.

When installed at milk reception this device allows:

  • The taking of a single or double sample
  • Receipt printing / withdrawal
  • Measurement of temperature and pH
  • The identification of the vehicle
  • Connection with corporate computing center
  • Management of automated, refrigerated and sealed bottle storage

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ACRAM also produce truck mounted sampling and collection systems, intake metering systems and filtration systems.

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